Flawless upgrade from typo 2.5.6 to 2.5.8 with advanced theme support

Despite my reservations that i was going to totally shoot myself in the foot, I took the hop into 2.5.8 just now.

It went completely smoothly.

The reason i’m so nervous is just the wasting of 1.3 good days I had set aside for making my theme for the contest. I tried to upgrade my toe dip 2.5.6 Typo install on Dreamhost to the latest svn trunk. We met with disastrous results. Thereby wasting the afore mentioned 1.3 days struggling helplessly.

I must say that I do like Typo quite a bit more than i thought I would.

I’ve been extremely impressed with Wordpress. My wife has a cute little blog over at eBabyStuff.net

It’s been totally painless setting it up and customizing it. We added polls and i’m in the midst of adding full quizzes.

I’m sure there was just something minor that I couldn’t figure out.

I’m new to Ruby on Rails, but It was love at first sight.

I switched to textMate after seeing that video. Woo yeah!