Gus Mueller FlyOpts InputManager

I just came across a truly amazingly sweet little thing.

How I found it

  1. Of grasshoppers and O_S
  2. Menu Accelerator
  3. FlyOpts InputManager

What is it?

To quote the author:

A warning: input managers are bad…
This bit of code [is] probably only useful to developers … it’s not like a product or anything. Think of it as sample code.
* Edit in BBEdit from any NSTextView
* Menu Accelerator- Marrying Search Kit and NSMenuItem in some sort of unholy union
* Execute as Lua in any NSTextView

He’s got a slick video of the Menu Accelerator and another one activating a shell script

To get it to work with TextMate

  1. Download the binary
  2. Download the source code
    1. Unzip
  3. Open the flyopts.xcodeproj Xcode project in flyopts_src/
    1. Vainly attempt to compile as is (just to test)
    2. Fail
    3. -Curse- Grin and bare it
  4. Run ranlib on the files flyopts_src/src/lua/liblua.a flyopts_src/src/lua/liblualib.a from the terminal
  5. Change the string "com.barebones.bbedit" to "com.macromates.textmate" on line 64 of the file flyopts_src/src/bbedit/FOODBEditor.m
  6. Build
    1. Succeed!
    2. Pat yourself on the back, you are now a l33t haxx0r you’re almost done!
  7. Copy your fresh new bundle flyopts_src/build/Development/FlyOpts.bundle into the FlyOpts/ folder (from step 3), replace the existing bundle
  8. Copy the FlyOpts/ folder into your ~/Library/InputManagers/ folder
  9. Done
    1. Pop open TextEdit to test it all out.

Set a shortcut

  1. Add the line "^j" = "flyoptsODBEdit:"; to your ~/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBinding.dict file~/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBinding.dict
  2. If this file doesn’t exist I’m sure you’ll figure it out ;)

Other InputManager Sweetness

The Incremental-Search Plugin for Mac OS X

An InputManager that adds emacs-style Incremental Search to any app using NSTextView