How long have you been hooked on TextMate Crack Cereal? ;)

TextMate serial cereal is like Crack!!!

Not that I would know about the crack ;)

Seriously, though. There’s not much point in cracking TextMate. Since you wouldn’t be able to participate in the TextMate community.

BTW. The TextMate Serial numbers are sequential and actually tell you how many people bought TextMate before you.

My serial number is…
bq. #2346 Registered 25 August 2005

If I had only registered a moment sooner, I would have been 2345! Too bad, so sad :’(

I had been addicted to TextMate for a while before the registration went through.

I tried it on and off since it first came out (with that goofy robot icon). I couldn’t really get into it until the theme support got really good.

Well, i seem to be rambling now…

So, what’s your textmate serial number? How hip & hardcore are you? ;)

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I seem to be only posting about TextMate recently. Hmmm…

As soon as the secret crazy project that I’m working on is done I’ll post a bit about it.

This post was intended to annoy everyone searching for a crack for TextMate. HAHA! No Crack for you!!!


I’ve recently noticed a lot of traffic from people searching for “TextMate serial” “Textmate crack” and stuff like that.

I guess that just goes to illustrate how popular textmate has recently become.