Announcing CrazyEgg 1.0

This is the secret-ish project I’ve been working on for quite a while now.

As you can see from the CrazyEgg about page, the original prototype was developed by John Carlin. After that there have only been two developers. Me and John Butler.

I must say, John Butler is about the greatest developer I’ve ever met.
But, I managed to get a lot of good stuff into CrazyEgg too. ;)

Basically it tracks how people use your website and then you can view reports about it.

Go check out the DEMO

Specific reporting features are currently:

  1. Overlay mode
    1. Overlay mode shows little markers, panels and outlines next to every clicked thing with the number of clicks and the percentage of total clicks that represents.
  2. List mode
    1. List mode show a list of clicked items, whether they could be found in the report or not. Align with the number of clicks, percentage and type of element.
  3. Heatmap mode
    1. Heatmap mode shows an overlay on top of your page with hot spots for where people clicked.

Yes, those screenshots are from

We have a whole bunch of stuff up our sleeves. If you have any ideas of what you’d want us to add, post a comment.

Welp, back to working on the crazy updates. :D