Fix Safari Downloads Window on Leopard Spaces

The one thing that really bothers be about Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (sofar) is that Spaces doesn’t seem to handle certain windows “properly”

For instance, the Safari Downloads window.

Ideally, I want the Safari Downloads window to be viewable on all Spaces at all times. But I don’t want all Safari windows to always be on all spaces.

Here’s the trick: Change the window to be a utility panel instead.

This assumes you have Xcode installed

  1. Navigate to /Applications
  2. Right click on Safari
  3. Choose Show Package Contents
  4. Navigate to Contents/Resources/English.lproj/
    • Or whatever language you use
  5. Open Downloads.nib in Interface Builder
  6. Select the #Window# icon
  7. Open the Info Panel
  8. Select the Identity tab of the Info Panel
  9. Change the Class to NSPanel
  10. Select the Attributes tab of the Info Panel
  11. Check the Style Utility
  12. Save the Downloads.nib file
  13. Quit & Relaunch Safari

Your Downloads Window should now be visible in all Spaces as long as you have a Safari window open in that space.