NEW TextMate Code Completion and Smart ToolTips

Ahoy internet peoples!

I am hereby announcing the soon availability of a new form of code completion and smart contextual tooltips for TextMate 1.x!

Also, PPK has given me permission to use the Compatibility tables inside the Javascript and CSS bundles!

Code Completion & Tool Tips

The Code Completion is filter-as-you-type which means that as you type the list of completions changes to reflect your current word.

I wrote some of the code to hook into the code completion functionality from Ruby and to be able to use json or plist files inside your bundle as completion lists.

I also wrote the code that looks for the current word, method or collection name based on your caret and then finds the corresponding tooltip to show you.

I did a bunch more stuff to make it all work! A bunch of people have worked on this stuff and made it really awesome, if I do say so myself.

Coming soon…

Since it's now incredibly easy to create massive amounts of code completion lists with tooltips and everything…

I'm going to be creating more and more completions lists for Javascript, CSS & MooTools.

Current completion lists:


Moved the screencast to the article page. It's only 2fps, looks way aswomer irl!

UPDATE: now totally works out of the box with the latest textmate and javascript.tmbundle from my github!

It's all coming… soon Available Now!!1!